In the past ten years, the personal improvement of spirituality occupies the dialogues among female ministers. Some of us participated in the Catholic traditional retreat or Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola, some of us did charismatic exercise, some of us protested on the street for the ethnicity, continuing development of environment as the spiritual exercise, and Taize became an option for ecumenical reconciliation. Each of us demonstrated different heritages and revealed all the women were pursuing the upward and close relationship with God.

Women’s care is wide and filled with the power of life. Although it sometimes looks lack of energy, however, it is an endless spirit. After ten years’ efforts, we are now heading towards this cross-denominational women’s spirituality society. We hope this platform could include different and diverse traditions and characteristics from all to share the resources to help those female ministers and create spiritual meditations with women’s characteristics.

The ordination of female minister is the current work of God in our period. Their ministries are just beginning and have endless possibilities. This society will set up a topic for sermon sharing to support their ministries and pray for them.

Otherwise, forum and dialogue are the strength of this society. God has given the grace to Taiwan: so many ethnicities and races, multiple religions, and diverse cultures. However, we were teared up due to the historical factors and changes. We are broken with Taiwan ourselves, including the crisis of the environment. We should start from the very beginning and basis, from the love of Jesus, to consider the others and start a sincerely dialogue and discussion.

Our dialogue should begin with women from military dependent’s village, Hak-Ka village, Hok-Lo village, and indigenous women’s life. We should experience Taiwanese women’s life from different cultural perspectives, including matriarchal society, bilateral descent society, androcentric society, and cross-ethnicity and interracial marriage. Those women’s stories are the starting points of our dialogue and conversation, although we have no idea where we will be led, however, women’s adventure begins from here.

We are looking forward to the dialogue among different Christian denominations in indigenous areas, beginning from the first encounter of the evangelicalism with the tribes. That was a great evangelical sending, but it was also the bitter of the split from the competitions among denominations. In the year 2017, the Catholic Church and German Lutheran reached the reconciliation. They revealed the truth in the history, faced the wound, and reconciled in the truth and love of Jesus Christ. They are ready to serve this world, hand in hand. We believe it could be made among Catholics and Protestants in indigenous areas via the dialogues to review the history of evangelicalism, to clarify and explain, to reconcile the wounded memories, and heading toward the service for different ethnicities and the future of the tribes.

We will deploy the conversations among different spiritual exercise traditions. These conversations will lead us to recognize God’s amazing work deeply, the possibilities of the fusion from multiple traditions, and to learn and respect the struggling of each individual in their spiritual exercise and mediations. We expect one day we can see the transformed and beautiful life.

Besides dialogue and conversation, we will proceed with spiritual exercises. We plan to invite different exporters from various traditions to lead folks’ exercise. We also plan to design spiritual trip from the missionarians, nuns and priests’ path in the past. We also plan to mark all the routs of the evangelical ministries. Through biking, jogging, and other forms of travels, to invite folks to experience the footsteps of the forerunners and their decent spirit. They were the people who blessed this land. The beauty of Taiwan is not only nature but also those who devoted themselves with heart and spirit.

With this wonderful heritage of spiritual tradition, we should share this bliss and beauty, cherish our environment and friends. Long live Taiwan.


1.Support the first line ministers, create the platform for resource sharing and communication.

2.Provide spiritual exercise courses.

3.Build up women’s forum and conversations.

4.Provide sermons and commentaries.

5.Spiritual journals from women’s perspectives.

6.Collection and investigation of women’s spiritual materials.

7.Improve deeper cognition of the land and environment via spiritual exercise.